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At Majestic Property, we’ve been your neighbor and partner for over 20 years, successfully selling properties in the beautiful Marbella and stunning Costa Del Sol region more widely.

Our goal is to help you achieve the price you deserve, swiftly and conveniently, with our unique Total Property Finder Service. When you list through us you’ll get access to professional videography, including options for FPV drone videos and lifestyle marketing, to make your property shine like never before.

Imagine your home, showcased in stunning ultra-high-resolution images and an professionally recorded video, capturing every unique feature in a way that we know buyers will adore.

But it’s not just about creating stunning visuals, we make sure they reach the right audience too. With our enhanced marketing strategies – from daily targeted social media marketing to extensive search engine campaigns – we ensure your property gets the spotlight it deserves.

We’ve also got the Multiple Listing Service at our disposal, a system that brings buyers and sellers together, maximizing the chances of finding your perfect buyer.


At Majestic Property, we understand that purchasing a home is as much about falling in love with the location as it is about the property itself. That’s why we’re proud to offer an exclusive concierge-style service to our prospective buyers.

Imagine not just viewing potential homes, but truly experiencing the allure of Marbella and the wider Costa Del Sol region. Our team, with its in-depth local knowledge and love for the area, is eager to help you discover the hidden gems and local favorites that make this region so uniquely captivating.

Whether it’s introducing you to the best local cuisine, guiding you through the charming streets, or helping you explore the vibrant cultural scene, our aim is to help you fall in love with the area. We’re dedicated to ensuring you’re not just buying a house, but investing in a lifestyle and a community that you’ll adore.

Our concierge service is tailored to your individual interests and needs, ensuring a personalised, immersive experience. We believe that the more you understand and appreciate the region’s charm, the more confident you’ll feel in making it your home. With Majestic Property, your journey to home ownership becomes an unforgettable exploration of the beautiful life that awaits you in Marbella and the Costa Del Sol.


You’ve found a promising property in an excellent location, yet something’s missing. Maybe it’s an en-suite in the master bedroom, or those grand glass doors you admired elsewhere. At Majestic Property, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to compromise.

Purchasing a home that needs a facelift or just a few tweaks? No problem. Our reliable network of suppliers and contractors is at your disposal, turning your vision into reality. We understand the challenges of managing renovations from abroad, especially if Spanish isn’t your first language. That’s where we step in, leveraging our nearly two decades of property development experience in Marbella.

Our team keeps you updated on your project’s progress, with photos and videos that allow you to witness the transformation from wherever you are.

And the finishing touches that turn a house into a home? We’ve got you covered. We connect you with top-tier interior designers and home décor shops.

At Majestic Property, we’re not just in the business of selling homes; we inspire, design, and build dreams. So let’s create your dream home together.


Once our Clients. Forever our Friends.

"Nicky is an honest and trustworthy real estate professional whom I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone."
Jacqueline Hubbard
"You are so dedicated, enthusiastic & helpful. It's obvious you love your job & genuinely care about the people you deal with."
Peter and Orlagh Dunne
"Nicky and Phil are two of the warmest and kindest people we have ever met and made what could have been a stressful process straightforward and enjoyable!"
Steve & Amie Whiting