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Frankie wants to tell you about all the events planned for Easter week.

This year it runs from : Sunday 25 March to Sunday 1 April 2018 – Check the events calendar for full programme

Easter (Semana Santa) in Andalucia is the most important religious festival of the year.

Tronos (thrones) depicting biblical scenes are carried through the streets of Marbella from the church in the old town. These tronos are centuries old antique works of art and can weigh between 2,000 and 5,000 kilos. Members of the local costaleros (brotherhood) carry this weight on their shoulders in a parade through often very narrow streets.

Suffering is a reflection of what Christ experienced and the costaleros consider it a great honour to carry the trono – sometimes for several hours. Processions of penitents in long robes and tall, pointed hoods parade through the streets. The hoods are worn to conceal the face of the wearer who represents penitents too shamed by the crucifiction to show their faces.

Nazarenos carry long candles to light the way of their journey. Accompanied by brass bands, the music can be quite solemn with drums and trumpets throughout the week. But, on Easter Sunday, the mood changes and happy triumphant tunes are played. The floats are covered in flowers and children parade in their best clothes to mark the end of the long journey.

Parades start on Palm Sunday and end on Easter Sunday. The most dramatic and solemn are on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Please bear in mind that, if it rains, parades may be cancelled or delayed.

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