El Arenal Sand Dunes – El Rosario’s New Ecological Reserve!

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Wooden boardwalk alongside El Arenal sand dunes on el rosario beach.




Over 5 years ago the regional government, the Junta de Andalucía, declared Marbella’s sand dunes a ‘Reserva Ecológica’ (ecological reserve). Following a petition from Marbella Town Hall and the ‘Asociación Pro-Dunas’ (Pro-Dunes Association), more than 220,000 square metres of Marbella’s coastline can now enjoy protected status, meaning that the dunes are no longer at risk of development or inappropriate use.


The areas included in the status are: Río Real, La Adelfa, Alicate, El Barronal, El Arenal, Real de Zaragoza, La Víbora, and Las Golondrinas, all to the east of the town. Collectively, the dunes are known as the ‘Monumento Natural Dunas de Artola.’


The El Arenal dune is a small mobile dune with very unique characteristics, due to it´s mass of sand, the largest in La Reserva Ecologica, it is home to complete range of typical plants of the mobile dunes.


How can I get to this area?




From the A-7 heading towards El Rosario and passing the bilingual school Las Chapas on Calle Bonanza towards Avenida Playas Andaluzas or continue eastwards until you reach the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol Occidental building, then turning towards the sea on Avenida Cervantes until you reach the end. There is parking all along this road.


What will I see here ?


There is a pedestrian crossing access to Arenal beach bar where you can see the composition of the scrub and nitrophilous grassland which is to the northern fence of the dune. From here you can walk along the wooden pathway around the beach bar to see the different elements on the upper level of the dune. You can also see the gullies in the middle of the dune created by channelled air. You can carry on the wooden pathway to the west which separates the dune from the private houses and which gives access to the beach. Once on the beach you can follow the foot of the dune around the structure of the dune and it´s exterior slope, this ends at Bono beach bar.

To whom is this home?

The dunes are home to a diverse species of plants and grasses to include white rocket, daisies, mallows and fauna to include the large psammodromus lizard, common wall gecko and Bedriaga´s skink, as well as birds to include blackbirds, house sparrow, swallows, house martins, swifts, finches, white wagtails and robins in winter.


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