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Seen the “almost” perfect home on our website? Let us make that “almost” an “absolutely perfect” home

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So, you’ve found what you think could be your dream property. Great location, close to the beach, walking distance to bars and restaurants, but something is not quite right. The last property you saw had an en-suite in the master bedroom. Oh, and you did like the look of the extra large folding glass doors.

You might be thinking you’ll have to make a choice between the two….

We are here to tell you that you don’t!

If you are buying a home that requires a full reform to release it´s true potential or maybe it just needs a few tweaks. Whatever your requirements, we have access to all the suppliers and contractors you will need to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

Building work without the hassle

We understand that buying a home abroad can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if it requires work but you don´t live in the same country. We have gone through the same process ourselves. 

If you aren´t fluent in Spanish, it´s easy to feel as though you may be taken advantage of by contractors and builders merchants. We’ve been there and over the years we have built up a great portfolio of reliable, good value and trustworthy supplier and contractors. 

Having renovated our own properties and many others, we now have nearly 20 years of ongoing relationships with building suppliers and interior design companies. This can range from creating additional bedrooms by redistributing the internal space to finding that perfect art to suit your new home décor. 

We have worked in property development in Marbella for almost 20 years and we have been innovative both in terms of design and maximizing space. We can guide you through every step of the way – from design drawings, to legal and planning through to project management and construction. We work together, with yourself to create your perfect home.  

We have an entire team of multilingual builders who will be able to keep you fully informed on the progress of your project on site. If you aren’t in Spain, to see the amazing progress we are on hand to take photos and videos for you to ensure you can be part of the week to week thrill of the exciting transformations. 


Interiors and Design – The Finishing Touches

What makes a house a home? If it is the homely touches that you are looking for, we can recommend interior designers and home décor shops suitable for all styles and tastes. There are a select few designers with whom, we have had enormous success time and time again and we have linked these below. If you have your own designer or want us to work with yourselves we can put together some ideas and recommend local stores.

We are privileged to have connections within Clarendon Fine Art who if weren´t aware, are Europe’s foremost fine art dealership. If you are of an artistic disposition, this could be a great opportunity. We can help connect you with a fine art consultant who will be able to guide you through artists and styles that suit you and your new home and the best positions for your new pieces of unique art. We’ve managed to pick up a thing or two ourselves, so don’t be afraid to ask us any questions.

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We inspire, design and build!

If you have learnt anything about us from this website it is that renovation runs through our veins and we have been part of many projects, however one in particular was very close to home, literally it was our very own home. We have created a video to showcase how our plans and illustrations became our reality.

ground floor

Watch the short video of how we changed this old empty villa into a beautiful modern home

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