Meet the Segals

We are Nicky and Phil Segal and together we are the proud owners of Majestic Property.


Meet the Segals. We are Nicky and Phil Segal and together we are the proud owners of Majestic Property. We are one of the only family run – concierge style real estate services in Marbella. Over the years we are so happy to be able to say that very many of our clients have become our life long friends. Marbella is a wonderful place to meet new people and we hope we get to meet you soon!

If you’re anything like us then you will know just how hard it is to write about who you are without it sounding cheesy and cliché, or dull and corporate. We are outgoing people with pride for our professions and a passion for people. We genuinely believe in treating others how we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Below is a glimpse of our client’s thoughts on our service.

Where We Started

Our story began back in 2002 when Phil and I were living and working in Hampshire, UK. We were budding entrepreneurs and were at the time running our own bespoke hand-built joinery and interior design business. We were happy but something was missing. We loved holidays abroad and spent all of our time longing for sun, sea and sand. Whenever we went on holiday, we searched to find the most beautiful places to eat, where your feet could touch the sand. The lightbulb moment was inevitable. Why can’t we do this every day? Why spend all year in the cold and miserable grey of the UK slaving away for a couple of weeks in the sun?

In what we can only describe as a whirlwind decision we sold up everything and soon were on a one way flight to Malaga Airport. As ´Hollywood´ as this sounds, the reality of packing up not just our lives, but our two children’s lives was a lot tougher than we had initially envisaged. Finding a property was extremely difficult as we had no knowledge of the areas. So searching on the internet was not just misleading, but was completely different to when we actually looked at the price differences against locations on the ground. We had the additional problem of finding a school to suit our young children. Using our skills in interior design and building we decided to buy an older property and refurbish it. We found a great location and the perfect renovation project. It was badly designed and definitely not luxurious, however Phil and I could not have been happier. Through our years of experience we could see that the villa had potential, with ‘the right bones’ as we like to say! So this was our starting point to create a new life that suited us as a family. Our mantra is that life is for living… it is not a dress rehearsal!

Where We Were

Over the next 17 years Nicky and I made this house a dream home. During these years we also bought and sold other properties to which we gave the magic touch and transformed dull lifeless properties into well designed, interesting new residences. We raised two wonderful children who we could not be prouder of and we are now exactly where we had planned to be all those years previously. It’s true to say that it has not been an easy road, and we hit many obstacles along the way, combined with very poor advice from so called professionals. We learnt the hard way, however the difficulties we faced ultimately strengthened our relationship and commitment to each other. We had to work harder than we ever thought possible to make our dreams a reality… Would we change any of it? Of course not. It’s our experiences in this wonderful, exciting but also daunting new place we now call home that have moulded us into who we are today.

In the 19 years since moving to Marbella, myself and Nicky have started from scratch and once again managed to build up a successful business portfolio. Working in both real estate and construction we are able to cover all aspects for people looking to make their new house their permanent or holiday home. We have the local knowledge and expertise to offer you advice whether you’re looking to purchase a fully furnished beach front property or a refurbishment project with heaps of potential.

Having been there ourselves and worked with clients through these processes we can offer you both a professional and personal perspective and can advise of what can be achieved both structurally and financially.

We know just how daunting purchasing a property in Spain can seem and indeed be without the correct professional advice. We can help you with all aspects of the purchasing process, from making offers, to enlisting the services of a lawyer, obtaining property insurance, currency exchange, schools in the area and even recommended restaurants of which there are a plethora. In fact, if you went to a different restaurant every day of your life here, you still would not have tried them all! We make it our business to take the ´hard work´ away from you, so that you can enjoy your time enjoying what the Costa Del Sol has to offer and the wonderful lifestyle.

This is why we have always made it our absolute mission to treat you in a way that we believe would have made our first experiences of Spain so much easier. We’ve been through it all so that you won’t have to!

Where We Are

We successfully merged our skills together over 10 years ago to create Majestic Property whereby we now have access to every property for sale, which is over 25,000 properties through our contacts and the MLS network. So it makes it so much easier for us to work for you in finding the right property and you don’t need to go to every agency explaining what you are looking for and feeling frustrated at wasting your time being shown a property that isn’t what you wanted or the same one that you’ve seen before. We have worked with all of our clients to ensure they purchase the property they love, possibly a new build modern property, or a refurbishment. The key criteria is that WE LISTEN to your requirements! We are privileged to have built friendships with many of our previous clients over the last 18 years and are always here for them to offer our advice and help or simply to meet for a glass of vino and tapas!

We also have built up a large following of investors and private individuals whom wish to find the right property to purchase on the Costa del Sol. This is a great benefit to our clients wishing to sell their own property. We are highly motivated and successful in selling our clients properties using the vast MLS network and through our online marketing and magazines. We have an excellent success rate and give constant feedback to all of our clients. Our clients are precious to us, so we respect their property and we respect them. Our advice, negotiation skills and communication are key to all of the selling process. So, the selling client never feels neglected.

We have recently moved to our favourite location in El Rosario, Marbella and have built our own dream home hand tailored to our every preference – something which we can help you achieve. We are also slowly edging our way closer to the beach so that those sunset cocktails are just within a few minutes’ walk.

We take so much pride in what we do and we can assure you whatever your requirements we will make it our mission to find you the perfect property. We will always have your best interests in mind and will be there to greet you with smiles and all the advice you need when navigating through unknown territory. Our expertise and dedication will ensure we find the right property for you. We look forward to being part of your Costa Del Sol experience.

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